Advising on SQL

Technical expertise, years of experience and a tested innovative and pragmatic method with concrete results. That is what you can expect when hiring Thicor Services. Advising is an important part of that. The ICT-world is not a solitary phenomena, but an integral part of both the operational as well as the strategic interests in a business. Every business, in any sector, has to deal with ICT. With the massive increase in ICT development good advice can be the difference between succes and failure.

Our greatest strenght is our personal approach to the client. This enables us to offer solutions to fit your problem, both to large companies, as well as medium or smaller ones. This is mostly available due to our personal involvement and óne single contact point for all your business. We are result-focused, involved, flexible, practical and honest. We follow market developments with interest, which makes knowledge and profesionalism possible.

What can you expect of Thicor Services?

  • Advice on strategic and tactical IT-issues
  • Advice about the deployment of hardware, software, networks and other infrastructures
  • An independant selection of software
  • Quality security on projects with IT-components

Remote Assistance

It is possible, When you are using one of our products and you are having trouble, to ask for remote assistance from one of our specialists. Within seconds a connection can be made over the entire world between our specialist and your PC or server without the need to install additional software. For this we use a program called TeamViewer. You simply download TeamViewer at the moment our specialist asks you to. After following a few steps our specialist takes over your pc as if he were sitting right next to you. For more information about this service, see: Support.