Sequenchel is a Microsoft SQL Server managing and monitoring tool easing a DBA’s life. The amount of a DBA’s time saved by using Sequenchel can be up to 80%!

Do more in less time and save money!

Sequenchel provides you with fast and easy access to every database. Find the latest updates on your data with just a few clicks. Sequenchel offers several methods to edit this data, but showing it as read-only is also possible. Sequenchel makes data maintenance faster and easier.

Printing a report of your data with Sequenchel is also easy as pie. Simply click the fields you wish to show in your report and fill in the criteria. Reuse reports made by others, edit these when necessary, click the button and save your report. That’s how easy it can be.


TrackManager is a software-program that enhances managing, planning and invoicing of indoor ski slopes. The software, which greatly exceeds just filling in client names and booking appointments, is supplied and managed by Thicor Services. By using a clear clientfile, an easy booking feature, infinite calendar, simple invoicingmodule ánd the possibility to print reports TrackManager pays back its costs in no time. This program has been designed and realised in cooperation with Indoorski & Snowboard Den Bosch.

Reserve, manage and invoice with ease!

TrackManager is trackmanaging, clientmanageing ánd invoicing in óne program, which makes mistakes in the invoicing nigh impossible. Seperate groups can be made inside the client file, like friend groups, teachers etc., but clients can still be booked seperatly. Aside there is the possibility to print several kinds of reports, clear and easy. Working from several locations is also possible, which, for example, makes it possible to do the administration at home, while reports are being made at the office and lessons booked behind the bar.