One service we offer our clients is Remote Assistance. Within seconds a connection can be made over the entire world between our specialist and your PC or server without the need to install additional software. For this we use a program called TeamViewer. You simply download TeamViewer at the moment our specialist asks you to. After following a few steps our specialist takes over your pc as if he were sitting next to you.

Remote Assistance

To initiate Remote Assistance 3 steps need to be followed:

Step 1

Make telephone contact with our specialist and explain the problem. When he suspects he might be able to help you with Remote Assistance, he will ask you to download TeamViewer located at our Downloads page.

Step 2

Select the language you want to use by clicking the corresponding link. Run the downloaded file. TeamViewer starts up without you having to install it. click Accept to continue.

Step 3

Our specialist asks for your Teamviewer ID and the corresponding password that is shown when TeamViewer is started. Our specialist can use this to take over your computer until the connection is severed.