About us

We solve problems with databases that are not functioning properly. In a time where data becomes ever more important performance issues cannot be tolerated. We make sure your databases run smoothly and prevent performance problems. That is our profession and we have been doing that with a lot of enthusiasm since 2004 as Thicor Services.

Thicor Services has executed a lot of projects over the last few years, for different types of companies in different markets. Clients chose us because of our clear advice and innovative and pragmatic solutions. Thicor Services has a very good knowledge of the working market and combines relevant developments with personal innovation. That makes us a professional and reliable partner providing quality work. Our strategy is crystal clear: we look to your goals cooperatively and assist in analyzing, advising and the implementation of our findings to achieve a maximum performance of your data processes. With Thicor Services you have the support of an expert and a way lose some of your worries. Questions? Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.

What our clients say about us

“Thicor Services has mastered itself in the art of Microsoft SQL Server. They know every detail to improve your performance of your SQL farm. An ideal partner to work with and real team players. Thicor Services can give your team or infrastructure just that small kind of boost it needs to perform as you always wanted..”

Peter van de Bree, Consultant – IT Infrastructure, Pink Elephant October 31, 2008

“Of all the Engineering / Consultant companies I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with Thicor Services really stands out. Doing your job is one thing, trying to become the best in your profession is another. We are still in close contact and it gives me pleasure to see that Thicor Services belongs to the top technologist companies in our business “

Roy Oude Weernink, Co-Owner / Founder, Qmagic September 25, 2007