Ever since 2004, Thicor has been a reliable partner in information technology specializing in Microsoft SQL Server. The usage of SQL server databases as a relational database management system is increasing steadily. Not just in small organizations, but also in large ones such as city councils, banks and insurers. Using its extensive knowledge and experience on the area of SQL Server, Thicor offers the following services:

  • Setting up SQL Server management environments.
  • Modeling large database schemas for information systems.
  • Datawarehousing and Reporting. Developing logical and physical data models of data processing systems.
  • Implementation of and migration to SQL Server. Cleaning up (clustered) database environments.
  • Programming stored procedures and functions.
  • Analyzing, accepting, implementing, documenting and integrating new solutions within the existing structure.
  • Supporting users and developers of databases.

Do you require assistance in setting up your SQL server database management environment or do you need a higher level of expertise every so often? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.